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Working with The Consultant
Chance in Canada guarantees you confidentiality when you sign the retainer.
For that reason names of clients are not included here.
Please read some of the experiences clients shared about working with our consultant.

Young Man

Study Permit Applicant

"She helped me find a place at a really good University to study my Master's in Engineering. Then she applied for my study permit. I got the study permit in 3 months even during the pandemic. She was able to write a detailed letter convincing the Visa Officer to let me come to Canada. She made sure I had all the documents ready, she would look over everything I sent and would remind me what was still missing. During our first call she went though everything about what it would be like living in Canada as a student and explained the whole process on how I could stay in Canada after studying. I'm confident about what exactly I need to do to get a Citizenship in Canada years from now. I definitely will work with her through-out my whole immigration process.She actually cares and is very direct"

Young Designer

Permanent Resident Through the Express Entry - Federal Skilled Worker Program

"I definitely think more people should work with Bongie. At first I thought it was weird how she kept stressing that I should have all the documents ready even before we started  the application process. I am so grateful she kept me on my toes to make sure I got all the police clearances and other supporting documents ready on time. The process was fast and her constant checking on the documents helped me to have everything ready when they invited me to apply for permanent residency. She encouraged me to be honest through-out the whole application and she wrote a letter to Immigration explaining some of the things I was worried would affect my application. They accepted it and approved me! I never thought I would be in Canada but i'm here. There are times I thought of quitting the process but Bongie would encourage me to keep going. She stressed that it was not easy but it was worth it. When I got here I wasn't really prepared. She was just a phone call away to help me settle in and make sure I found a safe place to live.She definitely was worth the money I paid to work with her"

Safe Traveling

US Green Card Holder - ETA Approved

"All my friends have moved to Canada and they were telling me I could get a job in Canada. I didn't know where to start. One of them referred me to Bongie. She asked me the right questions to figure out what exactly I needed to assess if she could help me. She actually did but not in the way I expected. She told me the truth about the work permit process and gave me so many different options I didn't know I could use. She recommended I come to Canada to visit my friend first on an exploratory visit. To see if moving from the US was what I really wanted. In just a few hours she actually helped me apply for the authorization I need to visit Canada while we were talking on the phone. She did everything on her end. I got to visit Canada and see the job situation for myself. I decided to stay in the US but only because of the good Immigration advice I got from Bongie. Now I visit my friends in Canada anytime I want and I ended up getting an even better job opportunity here in the States. I recommend you work with her if you really want honesty about your situation" 

Romantic Couple

spouse sponsorship

"I connected with Bongie on Linkedin after I saw one of her inspirational posts. I was looking for an Immigration lawyer to help me bring my wife but they were all so expensive. She explained to me the work that Immigration consultants do and I realized it is not that different. She knew exactly what she was talking about and it gave me hope that I could actually bring my wife here. We had been married for two years but lived apart and we were getting tired of travelling back and forth. Bongie talked to both of us and helped us put together all the necessary supporting documents for the application. My wife is now here and we are happy. She even helped my wife find a job here. She is great to work with. Very understanding and caring" 

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