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Services include:

Hour Long Consultation - Initial Assessment 


Out of Canada Immigration Services - Move to Canada 


In Canada Services - Stay in Canada


Settlement Services - Thrive in Canada


Coaching and Counselling Services



Book a Consultation for:

Immigration Assessment.Immigration.Advice.Requirements


The Consultation

In depth Hour Long Consultation

Cases are different. The only way you will know exactly what you need to apply to move or stay in Canada is if we have a long chat about it. Save yourself some researching time and money by booking a consultation. The Immigration consultant will provide you with accurate and expert immigration advice specific to your case.

Technology has made it easier for us to connect. We will talk via WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom or in person! Whatever works best for you!

sitting on plane

Outside of Canada Programs

Move to Canada

Join your family in Canada or start a new life in Canada on your own.

We will help you gather requirements and submit your application to the IRCC for :

Work permits

Study Permits

Permanent Residency - Express Entry Programs

Family Class Sponsorship -  Child,Spouse and Parents

Refugee Sponsorship Cases

Self-employed and Owner Operator Programs


In Canada Programs

Stay in Canada

Settlement services

Canada is a great place to Live,who would want to leave?!

Canada offers many advantages including:

Free Health Care

A Safe, diverse and inclusive Community

An opportunity to work in the filed of your choice earning more.

We provide you with a detailed plan towards Citizenship. We help you process all applications to extend your stay or make you a permanent resident in a Timely manner.

We also provide links to resources you need to start your new life in Canada.  We help connect you with Accommodation, Transportation, Social Insurance numbers, How and when to file your taxes, Safe and fun places to tour, how to make friends, which banks to use, where to shop for groceries e.t.c.

We process:

Provincial Nominations

Citizenship Applications

Permanent Resident Application - CEC Express Entry

Family Sponsorship

Humanitarian and Compassionate Cases

Refugee Cases

Work and Study Permit Extensions

Holding Hands

Immigrant Coaching and Counseling 

survive and Thrive in canada!

Moving to a new country to start a new life away from home and loved ones can be challenging. Our Immigration Consultant is here to support you through this major life transition. Book an hour Long Life Coaching or counselling session to discuss anything! Anything at all, The Consultant will help you achieve goals or overcome challenges you may be facing as an immigrant in Canada through a one on one session.

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